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Logo Design.

The team at Gurukul came to us with a project to create them a logo for their online schooling platform.

The brief was to create a logo the encapsulated the heritage of the word Gurukul.
A 'gurukula' or 'gurukulam'  is a type of education system in ancient India with students living near or with the guru, in the same house.

Strategy & Execution


The main thing we wanted to maintain in creating this logo was to keep hold of the heritage and the colour scheming often used in Indian culture. We also wanted to create an extensive colour palette that could be used in different business medium (i.e. business cards, online, print and video).

The colour palette was focused around the three seasons in Indian culture: Spring, Monsoon and Summer.

Outcome & Deliverable


The logo and brand exploration was very well received and continues to impress the public over in India. We are very proud of our effort and we cannot wait to see what is next for Gurukul.

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