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Retailistic came to us looking for our team to produce a series of animated videos that will help Indigometrics to promote their exciting new product that focusses on employee level business analytics. The story and script was all created by Retailistic, our job was to take that script and design a video series based on Indigometrics brand guidelines.

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Once the storyboard was signed off and the voice over was provided, we started work on the construction of the motion graphics and asset creation. Originally we had decided to go with a very static, slideshow that focussed on words and data. This eventually evolved into a less corporate and more people focussed approach. We added character animation and clean transitions to really bring the script to life.

Outcome & Deliverable

Lights, Camera, Action

The flat aesthetic of the videos characters worked really well with the overall branding. The final videos were very well received and have since been launched to external investors. The reception of the animations has been extremely positive and their impact has been high.

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