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New Branding.

Steve approached us looking for a logo for his new business idea. Puffin First Aid specialise in the education of First Aid to schools and youth centers.

Strategy & Execution

Creating immediate trust.

Everyone at Puffin First Aid is a qualified paramedic so their experience and knowledge is invaluable.

With this in mind we wanted to make the logo stand out like the colours of an Ambulance. The use of the yellow, orange and green was the main influence for that. This choice of colours immediately create trust as we associate these colours and identity with the health care service.

Outcome & Deliverable

Educational and Reassuring.

We created a logo that has an approachable and reassuring aesthetic. The circle is used to allow a badge/certification effect, and the use of the case doubles up as the head of a puffin.

The colours of an ambulance where the main inspiration behind this colour pallete.

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