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Simple but enlightening.

Claire from Waking up to Autism had shared a video of her son Adam on social media and when asked “How can we help you with your Autism?” his response was simple but enlightening, “Smash The Confusion”. From there we collaborated with Claire to bring that message to life. We created characters know as WUTA warriors that were based on Adam and Olivia (Claires children) who both have Autism. This was extremely well received from them and made them feel empowered.

Strategy & Execution

Time to bridge the gap.

We didn't just stop with creating an identity for this campaign, we created a T-Shirt that could be worn with pride by children and adults whether they have Autism or not.

We also created a booklet that bridges the gap of communication between parent/carer and child. This helps stop the stigma, encourages conversation and empowers understanding.

Outcome & Deliverable

Launching the campaign.

In order to allow this campaign to reach as many people as possible (given the lockdown restrictions thanks to Covid-19), we had to create a strong web page and social media campaign. So we created a store page on the website and on social media. The launch has been very successful and we are so excited to see where our inclusion on this campaign takes us in the near future.

Pixel Jam “got it” – They engaged with who we are, what is important to us, what our mission is – but they didn’t just engage, they jumped firmly on board!

Claire Krost

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